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As a business center we offer clients unmatched Mail Forwarding, Phone Answering, Virtual Office and Serviced Office solutions.
With our smart virtual office solutions, we help local and foreign companies to start their activities in The Netherlands at the lowest possible costs. To give your company a head start, we offer a large range of services through close working relationships with select companies like: tax experts, notaries, lawyers, marketing & sales agencies, logistic companies, business developers, etc.

Why should you set up a branch or office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is the ideal country for foreign companies to expand their business. It has a trade policy that’s one of the most open and advanced in the world. The Netherlands is at the forefront of international tax planning and offers favorable tax treaties for international businesses seeking more congenial tax rules. Add up the benefits of superior logistics and technology infrastructure in Amsterdam and acknowledge the Netherlands is your gateway to Western Europe and beyond. Learn more about the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Europe’s largest airport-seaport-city combination.

Our business services in Amsterdam

Why should you choose us? Good question!

We are unlike any other business center in Amsterdam or the Netherlands. We actually help you build your business and make money. All of our services are based on a flat fee, so you are not charged on a consumption basis, like other business centers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands do. Our solutions and prices are unmatched, which makes us the best choice for your business.

How can we help you save and make money from your Amsterdam office?

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Latest news from Amsterdam

January 14th, 2013
The Netherlands has kept its triple-A rating
S&P says the AAA rating reflects the country's diversified and competitive economy and the long tradition of sensible and flexible macro-economic policy.